Hello everyone!

February 21, 2009

Hello everyone,

my name is Dennis and this is my WordPress blog. I only recently got into the world of blogging and I’m pretty captivated by it. I always heard about blogs before, how they’re changing the dynamics of the web and the world in general. Despite being quite an internet guru (I involved myself from the early beginning, around ’94) I never paid much attention to them though. I figured it was just hype. Then I started to see how search results in google would favor more and more of them and after reading a few I realized there was a  “revolution within the revolution”. And it was a good one and probably not the last.

What I especially like about blogging is how “normal” people took back the helm just when corporations where about to take over the net (more or less). Commercials popping up everywhere (remember the days of ad-free surfing?) , news sites and email  services completely free, etc. I guess a capitalistic exploitation was inevitable but the more recent, corporate idea of a double-tiered internet kinda got me worried.  But knowing the inventiveness of the geeks and net freaks out there who always seems to be on top of the game I don’t need to be. And I’m sure the blogosphere will do its part here to maintain the original intent of the web with its openess, equality and grassroots power. I intend to contribute.


A good use for Ebay’s about me

March 28, 2009

When it comes to gaining authority and popularity for your website or blog, especially when you’re engaged in affiliate marketing, experts always stress the importance of backlinks. In other words pages linking back to you giving you “juice”. Now of course it usually takes a while until one has build a sufficient network of websites that place a link to you, and most of these are only “nofollow”. So while they give a benefit in driving traffic to you from that particular site they don’t do anything for your search engine rankings.

Now, if you’re focused on SEO then there are a few steps you can take to accumulate “dofollow”-backlinks by yourself. Just google around and you while find plenty of tips and tricks where to place your own links – such as using profiles on mypsace, facebook, forum accounts etc. or commenting on “nofollow-free” blogs.  What makes it juicy is that popular social networks are high in page and alexa rank so it can reflect back pretty well on your site. From what I know, the googlebot doesn’t know that these profiles or postings are your own and doesn’t care.

One “trick” I find underused and that just recently hit me is the use of Ebay’s about me page. Think about it. Ebay has an Alexa rank of 20 and a page rank of 8. So if you can achieve a backlink on there it should bump up your website’s value, yes? I would think so. So I went ahead and created a very simple Ebay’s about me page for Dennis Tielmann that highlights a couple of specific posts from my affiliate blog. I know it looks pretty boring right now but it suffices to do the job and make my point. If you browse some other about me pages you can see how creatively and practicaly one can maximize this potential Ebay gives its members. So it’s pretty likely that I will improve my page at some point.

Now the only question that remains is: How do I get google to crawl my Ebay site? Well, you can link to it somewhere on the net just like I did with this post ;-). Or, if you’re an active seller/buyer on ebay just make sure that users notice your about me page and hence google too. I’m not sure actually how deeply google crawls Ebay but I’m sure it includes profiles and storefronts. Either way, if you’re not a member yet than it goes without saying that you need to sign up with Ebay first in order to use this method. Since registration is free it can only benefit you. And who knows, maybe you’ll find that magical childhood item you’ve been after for so long…

Update: I’m not so sure if this is still a good idea since I found out that Ebay has a policy against “round-tripping”. Meaning if you’re an ebay seller or ebay affiliate sending consumers back and forth, possibly producing commissions from Ebay traffic that was already on Ebay anyway, Ebay will probably penalize you.

Being an Affiliate

March 3, 2009

The main reason why I finally decided to get into blogging (if you discount myspace) was affiliate marketing.  I had always dreamed about making money on the internet and having dabbled with it via usual “get rich quick” schemes and more successfully with freelance translating (german <> english) I always worked on achieving it. While I came pretty close through my translation business it still was too much hassle and dependence for me. What I was really looking for was a true form of self-employment and when I stumbled upon affiliate marketing I realized that I had finally found the way. I started acting immediately.

While I was still reading and researching the subject as thoroughly as possible I already followed one of the many product ideas that were now springing up in my mind – USB Flash Drives. I bought me an aged domain that sounded almost too good to be true  for only 30 bucks (at godaddy) and setup a wordpress theme on it (using hostgator as my server).  I started typing away late January and about 1 1/2 months later I am content enough to go public with it and start promoting. So check it out: DT’s Flash Drive Blog – The Magic of Memory Sticks & USB Pen Drives.

It’s been a lot of work so far and naturally, I will keep updating and adding content to it as much as possible. So far it’s been fun and an amazing ride which I blame on the  subject itself. It’s such an expansive world of variety which really reflects my own life and personality. I guess I made the right pick!  I’m pretty optimistic about being successful and having great learning experiences with this. Of course I will keep you posted.  Feel free to leave your comments over there as well as over here.